Shop Local

Two days away!

Everyone from our employees to our merchants are getting excited for our second Shop Local event, taking place this Saturday at various businesses around Williamsburg, Lancaster, Gloucester and Mathews counties.

To date, we have over 260 merchants from the four counties who will be opening their doors to the community and offering incentives to come out and support local business, who in turn will support the community.

“When we organized our first Shop Local event last November, we had no idea we would garner the amount of support we did,” says Paula Milsted, Director of Marketing with Chesapeake Bank. “These local merchants are passionate about what they do – about their businesses, and we’re passionate about our communities and the people who support it. Supporting the people who support you – it’s a win/win.”

We are constantly updating our merchant lists (which also highlight their incentives for shopping on Saturday), as well as profiling some businesses on “It’s All About Community” and our social media pages.

In Gloucester? Swing by Buttons-N-Bows for children’s cloths, or The Silver Box for your jewelry needs. For our folks in Mathews, drop off your dry cleaning at Village Cleaners while you eat at Sandpiper Reef. If you’re in Lancaster for the day, head over to Papeterie and grab some new stationary or get those pictures off your camera and get them printed at Yours Truly Photography. Our Williamsburg shoppers have more than 100 participating businesses to choose from, including Virginia Gourmet and Closet Envy.

If you haven’t already, be sure to stop by your local Chesapeake Branch to pick up your free Shop Local shopping tote (that’s for you, too, merchants). Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – we will be letting you know what other Shop Local goodies are available to pick up and grab.