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Bay and River

Shop Local Day Profile: Bay and River

From now through our spring Shop Local event, Chesapeake Bank wants to highlight some of the participating merchants throughout the region who are offering shoppers a little extra to come out and support their community businesses.


Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend, family member, heck, even yourself? Bay and River Home Décor offers a wide selection of gifts and accessories along with USA-made furniture for your holiday shopping needs.


To learn more about Bay and River Home Décor, continue reading its profile below.


Business Name: Bay and River Home Décor

Owner: Sandra Hudson and Terry Elbourn

Contact information: Facebook or 804-436-1900

Shop Local Day Deal: 20 percent off all gifts and accessories; from November 9 – December 21, enter to win a 6-foot Oak Curio for Christmas!

Store information:  Located at 2 North Main Street in Kilmarnock


Describe what ‘shop local’ means to you.

Keeping money in your town maintains the small-town quality.  People love the quaintness of Kilmarnock.  Strolling from store to store and getting to really know people.  Your customers turn into your friends.


Some of our customers from out of town call us to see how the weather is and what events are going on for the weekend to see if they should come to the area.


How does shopping local impact small business?

It keeps our doors open.   We always tell our customers thank you for supporting us girls.  A lot of times they thank us for being here.


How did your business fare in the last two Shop Local events?

Fall was better than spring.  We definitely saw an increase in business in the fall as a result of the campaign.


What are you offering customers for this Shop Local event?

20% off all gifts and accessories.  And, beginning November 9th and running through December 21st you may enter a drawing to win a six foot curio for Christmas.  No purchase necessary and you need not be present to win.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

We promote and sell only USA Made furniture (upholstery and wood).  Receive 10% off every day on all gifts, accessories and lamps.


Free gift bags are available.

Best Banks to Work For Image

American Bankers – Best Banks to Work For

Chesapeake Bank has been named one of the best banks to work for by American Banker Magazine in its inaugural ranking. American Banker’s list of the Best Banks to Work For “highlights institutions with strong cultures and smart approaches to making employees feel valued and engaged.”


This study was performed in conjunction with the Best Companies Group, which reviews employer reports on benefits and policies, along with extensive employee surveys to generate the rankings.


“We are very happy to have been selected,” said Pat Lewis, Senior Vice-President and Director of Human Resources at Chesapeake Bank. “But to be ranked eighth in the nation is something we all take pride in!”


Questionnaires were sent out to Chesapeake Bank employees, surveying everything from workplace polices to everyday practices, in the forms of strongly agree/strongly disagree questions and a couple of open-ended items.


To see the full ranking from American Banker, click here.

Cash Mob Anno.

Bring your appetite, bring your cash: We’re starting a Cash Mob

Grab your forks, grab some friends and gear up your taste buds. Chesapeake Bank is starting a cash mob in our Shop Local communities; restaurant style.


What’s a cash mob, you may ask? A cash mob is a local shopping movement where groups of shoppers convene at a particular small business at a given time to flood the store with transactions. Cash mobs have been popping up around the country, and as a fun way to kick off our third installment of Shop Local Day, we want to do same thing.


Starting tomorrow, Thursday, October 31 through Friday, November 8 (the day before Shop Local Day), we’ll be revealing the restaurants we want you to (cash) mob on Shop Local Day. Chesapeake Bank employees will also be at the restaurants handing out shopping bags. Our goal is to hand out over 100 shopping bags at each restaurant, pass out the most up-to-date Merchant Offer lists and encourage the happy, hungry mob to start off Shop Local Day right by dining out and dishing up cash to a local business.


If being part of the cash mob isn’t enough, in addition to handing out free shopping bags to cash mobbers who dine at these restaurants, some of those bags have an additional incentive to shop throughout the day. At each cash mob location, four Shop Local shopping bags will contain a $25.00 to a local business.


The cash mobs will take place on Saturday, November 9 at seven locations around the Greater Williamsburg, Mathews, Lancaster and Northern Neck areas. Stay tuned to our Facebook page: we’ll reveal one restaurant a day for  the next seven (business) days and give you the times when Chesapeake Bank will be out distributing bags. But of course, these restaurants will be serving breakfast as usual – so if you miss us, still come in and have a bite to energize you for a day of Shopping Local.


We hope to see you out at one of our cash mob locations; and remember, you could walk away with a shopping bag with a $25.00 gift card, just for showing up!

Dilly Dally Emporium - For FB

Shop Local Day Profile: Dilly Dally Emporium

From now through our fall Shop Local event, Chesapeake Bank wants to highlight some of the participating merchants throughout the region who are offering shoppers a little extra to come out and support their community businesses.


Dilly Dally Emporium is a gift shop located in Mathews, Va. The shop offers a range of items, including jewelry, toys, candles, cards, home décor and candy.


To learn more about Dilly Dally Emporium continue reading its profile below.


Business Name: Dilly Dally Emporium

Owner: Karyn Austin

Contact information: Facebook or by phone at 804-725-0955

Shop Local Day Deal: Dilly Dally Emporium will offer complementary coffee, cocoa, mulled cider and snacks. “Surprise Discounts” of up to 45% off! (Minimum 10% on EVERY purchase) AND A FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE.

Store information:  Dilly Dally Emporium is located at 200 Main Street in Mathews.  Visit them Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


What does “shop local” mean to you?

Shop local means supporting small town America at its best. When customers support local retailers, local retailers are there to help customers too.


How does shopping local impact small businesses?

My husband and I both have small businesses and we live in the community where our businesses are located. Shopping local helps to keep the money within your community and builds a circle of support – and when you have a circle of support, you have a stable business and a stable community.


How did your business fare in last year’s Shop Local event?

It was great – we did a tremendous business! People were having fun with it, they came out with enthusiasm. It was a wonderful day.


Anything else to add?

Anything that focuses on local business is great. Especially in this economy, advertising money is precious – so having Chesapeake Bank step in to help with advertising is precious, too.



Shop Local Day Profile: Juan’s Mexican Café and Cantina

From now until Shop Local Day, November 9, Chesapeake Bank wants to highlight some of the participating merchants throughout the region who are offering shoppers a little extra to come out and support their community businesses.


Nestled on the George Washington Memorial Highway, just east of the Hayes Plaza Shopping Center, Juan Carrillo’s restaurant, Juan’s Mexican Café and Cantina, serves up authentic Mexican dishes with a local flair. Sourcing as many ingredients as he can from local vendors, Carrillo has created decadent plates ranging from his spin on Chile Con Queso, to Baja Fajitas to some of his seafood specialties, like Crab Quesadillas and Camarones al Mojo de Ajo (or, shrimp in garlic sauce).


Take a minute to read a little bit more about this local business, and how Juan takes great strides in shopping local, himself.


Business Name: Juan’s Mexican Café and Cantina

Owner: Juan Carrillo

Contact Information: (804) 642-5401

Shop Local Day Deal: 10 percent off

Store information: Open Monday – Thursday (11 a.m. – 10 p.m.), Friday (11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.), Saturday (7 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.) and Sunday (7 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.), located at 2310 George Washington Memorial Highway, Gloucester,


Describe what “shop local” means to you.

It means supporting your local economy, buying local and keeping money where you live – which are very important.


What’s your experience with Shop Local Day?

Last spring was our first time participating in Shop Local Day and we’re hoping this time around, we’ll see even more traffic. People are more aware about shopping local – it’s going to be a great event and a great day. Better than the last.


What are you offering customers for this Shop Local event?

10 percent off


Anything you’d like to say to your customers?

Thank you supporting us! As much as we can, we also shop local for our ingredients; seafood, oysters, fish, vegetables, even with our service providers. A lot of people think because we’re an ethnic restaurant we import everything. We use a lot of things here locally, and when people dine with us, they’re also helping all the providers we go through – down the line, down the food chain.


LaSource Spa

Shop Local Day Profile: LaSource Spa

From now until Shop Local Day, November 9, Chesapeake Bank wants to highlight some of the participating merchants throughout the region who are offering shoppers a little extra to come out and support their community businesses.


Wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself to a deep tissue massage? Or maybe a hot stone massage. Ooh, what about a custom facial with an added 24 karat gold intense anti-wrinkle mask? Whether you’re looking for a way to treat yourself or treat a loved one, LaSource Spa is a touch above the usual. Offering a wide variety of spa treatments like massages, facials, waxing and other body treatments, LaSource is the perfect place to go for your pampering needs.


Take a minute to read a little bit more about this local business.


Business Name: La Source Spa

Owner: Glynda Antonio

Contact Information: (804) 436-2599

Shop Local Day Deal: (See Below)

Store information: Open Monday -Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., located at 211 South Main Street, Kilmarnock


Describe what “shop local” means to you.

As a business owner, this campaign has helped me to shop local and to recommend that others shop local as well.  So many people that come to the spa ask for restaurant or shopping recommendations.  I can be more effective in making suggestions if I visit these places myself.  It’s teamwork with the other area local businesses.


Kilmarnock has fantastic shops and services.  There is something special in all of our stores.  Sometimes we take this area for granted and don’t realize what we have.  I also love my bank.  This program has told me that when I do well, they do well.


How does shopping local impact small businesses?

When I go to another area to visit, it’s the small locally owned businesses that give you that great experience that enhance your overall trip to that area.  We need to do the same thing here.  Every book I have ever read on operating a spa tells you to keep your local, regular business happy, because they are the lifeblood of your business.


How did your business fare in the last two Shop Local days?

I saw more awareness about shopping locally.  And the campaign helped bring in new business that has turned into repeat business for me.  It’s been great!


What are you offering customers for this Shop Local event?

Starting on November 9 (Shop Local Day) through November 30, join LaSource Spa on Facebook at and post ‘Shop Local in Kilmarnock!’  Then call us at (804) 436-2599 to receive $5 off a 90 minute massages (excludes gift certificates).


Anything else you’d like to your customers?

Most of the furniture in the spa was purchased at local stores in Lancaster County. LaSource Spa would love to host your wedding group or girl’s day group.  You can book a day of facials, massages or body treatments.  Make it special by arranging to bring food and drink while others in your party enjoy their treatments.

For Shoppers Blog Image

On your mark, get set, SHOP (on November 9)!

Have you started thinking about your holiday shopping list? With lots of friend and family time on the horizon, hostess and holiday gifts are sure to be filling up your shopping carts.   Instead of taking your list out of town to go shopping or shopping online, consider putting your purchasing dollars to work in your community by getting your loved ones a gift from a locally owned and operated business.


Coming back for its third installment, Chesapeake Bank’s Shop Local Day will take place on November 9. Already, almost 200 merchants from across the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg areas have raised their hands and will open their doors to the community on Shop Local Day; offering incentives to shoppers who take the time to come and shop with them.


This time around, we wanted to make things super easy for you – our shoppers. Instead of updating each regions Offer lists on a daily basis, we have an up to the minute Shopper Offer list on our blog. Our brand new listing tool allows you, the shopper, to filter by your hometown and even by the category of store you’d like to shop with (great if you’re shopping for something specific). This list is so dynamic, it will be changing and updating all the way up to the Shop Local Day  Also, be sure to review merchant offers closely.  Many merchants are extending their offers beyond Shop Local Day.


Play with the Offer list over the next couple of weeks. Once you have your shopping list filtered to your desire, print it off and you’re one step closer to Shop Local Day preparedness. Want to get one step further? Keep an eye out for Shop Local Day bags at local events. We also have a few surprises up our sleeves, so stay tuned. You never know what will be inside your Shop Local Bag!

Credit Card Steal

National Cyber Security Month

To our small business owners, corporate account takeover is a type of fraud where thieves gain access to a business’ finances to make unauthorized transactions, including transferring funds from the company, creating and adding new fake employees to payroll, and stealing sensitive customer information that may not be recoverable. Chesapeake Bank recommends following these tips to keep your small business safe.


 1.      Educate your employees. You and your employees are the first line of defense against corporate account takeover. A strong security program paired with employee education about the warning signs, safe practices, and responses to a suspected takeover are essential to protecting your company and customers.


 2.      Protect your online environment. It is important to protect your cyber environment just as you would your cash and physical location. Do not use unprotected internet connections. Encrypt sensitive data and keep updated virus protections on your computer. Use complex passwords and change them periodically.


 3.      Partner with us to prevent unauthorized transactions. Take a look at some of our resources with tips and programs that safeguard you from unauthorized transactions and other instances of fraud.


 4.      Pay attention to suspicious activity and react quickly. Look out for unexplained account or network activity, pop ups, and suspicious emails. If detected, immediately contact Chesapeake Bank or your active financial institution, stop all online activity and remove any systems that may have been compromised. Keep records of what happened.


 5.      Understand your responsibilities and liabilities. Take some time to review your account agreement, which will detail what commercially reasonable security measures are required in your business. It is critical that you understand and implement the security safeguards in the agreement. If you don’t, you could be liable for losses resulting from a takeover. If you have any questions about your responsibilities, give us a call.


For additional information, you can also visit the following websites to learn more about how to protect your small business:


Save the Date: Shop Local Day

Chesapeake Bank’s third installment of Shop Local Day is almost here, so save the date! On Saturday, November 9, take to your local Main Street (or favorite shopping district) and show the local merchants in your area how much you care.


Our November Shop Local Day is a great way to get a head start on the holidays. Prepare your shopping list, gather friends and family and start mapping out your day. Businesses of all shapes and sizes will be participating; restaurants to hardware stores, gift shops to yard supply shops. Over 130 businesses in the Greater Williamsburg, Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula regions are registered so far.


Chesapeake Bank, in partnership with local merchants and Chambers of Commerce, created Shop Local Day in 2012 as a way to encourage patrons to make conscious shopping decisions by taking their business from the Big Boxes on Wall Street to the stores on Main Street. By shopping local, you’re supporting the businesses that support you and your community.


To look through the local merchants who are currently signed up to participate in Shop Local Day, head to We’re constantly signing up more businesses; so check back daily right up to the big day.


September recap at Chesapeake Bank

During the month of September, Chesapeake Bank participated in service projects across the region. Here is a summary of our efforts and an update on the non-profits who worked with us over the course of the month.



Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic

Through community donations, bake sales, fund drives and radio promotions, our Mathews, Gloucester and Hayes branches raised almost $7,000 for the Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic’s Capital Campaign. Chesapeake Bank will be matching the entire amount raised from our three branches.


“A huge thank you to all of the Chesapeake Bank family for its efforts,” said Babs Zuhowski, associate director of development & marketing for the Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic.  “You have helped us give a hand up; not a hand out to our patients by building them an incredible new facility.” With the funds raised by Chesapeake Bank, including the full match, the current balance of the GMFC’s Capital Campaign is $1,021,024.


Bake Sale 


Lancaster/Northumberland Habitat for Humanity Build Day

Dozens of volunteers came out to hang sheet rock, put up siding and build a porch for one of the Habitat’s home building projects.


There is still work to be done to the inside of the home, but Habitat for Humanity hopes that the home recipient will be moved in by late December.


Build Day


United Way of Greater Williamsburg Day of Caring

This year’s Day of Caring event brought out over 500 volunteers, making this the largest Day of Caring for the Greater Williamsburg United Way on record.


This year, projects included landscaping for senior citizens identified through Faith in Action and Meals on Wheels, completing grounds maintenance for Avalon (a local shelter that supports abused women and their children) and repairing and mulching the playground at Child Development Resources (a nonprofit agency that helps babies and toddlers with disabilities or developmental delays).