Personal Finance Resolutions for the New Year

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions; lose weight, quit smoking, eat better. While these are great resolutions, how many of us make resolutions that affect personal finance decisions? We’ve put together three great finance resolutions with some resources to help you accomplish (and maintain) them in 2014.


  • Get more organized: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the first step to getting control over your finances is getting organized. Find a system that works for you; whether it’s utilizing an expandable file folder or tracking expenses or managing budgets on your computer software of choice. Schedule a weekly or monthly time to document your spending.
  • Make more strategic purchases/donations: When planning your budget, get the most out of your charitable giving. Do you know what is deductible on your taxes when it comes to charitable giving? This article answers a lot of those questions.
  • Seek help when needed: Whether it be filing your taxes or making decisions about your 401(k), retirement or other major financial decisions, consult with the experts when things get lost in translation. Your bank account will thank you.