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Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

According to a recent CNN Money article, more than 25 million middle-class American families are living paycheck to paycheck. The article discussed a recent economic study presented by the Brookings Institution, with findings showing that those living paycheck to paycheck have a tougher time weathering income shocks, such as illnesses or bouts of unemployment. They have to cut back their spending far more than those with a reserve they can tap more readily.


Free From Broke reveals four steps on how to stop living paycheck to paycheck, with steps including: identifying and cutting the waste in your budget, putting the waste to work for you, cultivating income diversity and considering cash flow.

It's All About Community Mural

Westhampton Mural Unveiling

Yesterday, in Richmond, we held our first community event with the unveiling of the “It’s All About Community” Westhampton mural. The 24-panel mural installation was painted by Richmond muralist and VCU graduate Emily Herr of HerrSuite and features some of the community’s favorite spots in the Westhampton neighborhood.


Sunny skies overlooked crisp morning air, friendly faces and warm refreshments from local Westhampton businesses, including Westhampton Bakery and Boyer’s Ice Cream and Coffee.


We’re so excited to have the beautiful artwork sprucing up our construction site. It’s our hope that the murals brighten up the days of those driving, walking, running and biking down Patterson Avenue. We’re looking forward to finding the murals a permanent home when the Richmond Chesapeake Bank location opens.


Take a look at some photos from the event below. Tell us about your favorite local Westhampton shop in the comments section for a chance to win a pack of Westhampton notecards.

Westhampton Mural Event

What’s Happening in Richmond

We’ll be opening our first Richmond location late this summer. In addition to working hard on our new home away from home, we’ve been meeting with our neighbors and business and community leaders to learn as much as we can about Richmond and where Chesapeake Bank can get involved and make a positive impact.


We’re excited about our first community event in Richmond, the unveiling of the “It’s All About Community” Westhampton mural on March 18 at 9 a.m. at 5501 Patterson Avenue in Richmond. We’ll have coffee and hot chocolate from Boyer’s Ice Cream and Coffee and a variety of treats from Westhampton Bakery, two of our neighbors, and guests can register to win a gift basket filled with Richmond favorites from RVA to Go. Please RSVP here if interested in attending.


The mural was painted by Richmond muralist and VCU graduate Emily Herr. It will spruce up the fencing on our construction site while our building is being completed, and we hope to find a permanent home for the mural when construction is completed.


Check back next week on the blog for a recap of the event and a look at the mural.

Tax Time

Tax Tips for Your Small Biz

The best thing about tax season is when it’s over. Getting through tax season, however, can be a grind.


Especially for small businesses.


Did you know that nearly a third of small businesses don’t use an outside accountant (Sage Small Business Accountants 2013 Usage Study)? That can add another level of stress to the existing challenge of running a business.


Whether using an outside accounting firm or not, there are plenty of insights to keep in mind when preparing your small business taxes. recently featured 27 small business tax deductions, and the IRS offers FAQs for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

Architect’s rendering of the new Chesapeake Bank Richmond location under construction at 5501 Patterson Avenue.

Making Friends in Westhampton: Chesapeake Bank’s First Richmond Location

We’re pouring cement, meeting our new neighbors and learning where to get the best sandwich – all in anticipation of the opening of our first Richmond branch, located on Patterson Avenue in the City of Richmond’s Westhampton neighborhood.


Entering the Richmond market has been a part of Chesapeake Bank’s long-term strategy, but we weren’t willing to compromise or cut corners. For the Bank’s first branch in Richmond a perfect-fit scenario was imperative. That’s when Chesapeake Bank discovered Westhampton. From its rich history to its promising future, the Westhampton neighborhood offers a small-town feeling and connected sense of community that are a huge part of what defines Chesapeake Bank.


Before the bank is open for business, Chesapeake Bank leaders are meeting with business and community leaders to learn more about the area and to identify where Chesapeake Bank can get involved and make a positive impact.


Set to open in late summer 2015, the 7,500 square-foot, custom built location will house all of our Richmond area associates, from loan production to banking.


Watch for updates on our Facebook page at


Please join Chesapeake Bank for the unveiling of the “It’s All About Community” Westhampton mural on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 9:00 am.


Go to EVENTS for details and to RSVP.


Making Snow Days Productive

The words “Snow Day” invariably bring joy and stress to many workplaces.


Some of us share the joy our kids have knowing they’ll be home from school for a few days. Most of us know there still is work to be done, which can be more difficult if you have to cancel meetings or work from home while watching your kids bounce around the back yard and living room in between requests for hot chocolate.


Would you believe that bad weather actually makes us more productive? The New York Times highlighted a study by Harvard University and University of North Carolina researchers this week that found workers were more productive when the weather turned ugly.


But what if we can’t make it to work? recently offered these tips on being more productive working at home.


We hope you enjoy your next Snow Day!

1-800 Flowers via Daily Finance

Recent News Reminds Us To Shop Local

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but this year we’re left with a good reminder of why shopping locally not only is a good way to support the community, but also a way to have better control of your shopping experience as a consumer. Even though it’s almost a week after the holiday, some companies like 1-800-Flowers still are receiving a lot of criticism on social media for flowers not arriving as pictured on the website.


We’re left with a lesson that while online shopping can be convenient, you really can’t beat the purchasing power that comes along with shopping locally and working with local retailers – especially when there are so many great retail options right here in our own backyard. Shopping locally means you can peruse the shelves for the gift that would be perfect for your mom’s birthday, instead of ordering something with fingers crossed that she’ll like it. It means you can walk into the florist and have a hand in arranging the bouquet for your special someone. While online florists and other businesses often partner with local companies to fulfill orders, shopping directly with your local retailers (especially at peak times like Valentine’s Day) is a safer bet.


So, the next time you need a flowers or a gift, think about your local florist or gift shop. Chances are, you’ll find just what you’re looking for while having the opportunity to form an ongoing relationship with a local shop owner while keeping more of your dollars within the community.


Photo credit:

Valentine's Day Dinner

Be Mine: Ways to Save on Valentine’s Day

Americans spent more than $17 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2014, and experts expect that number to rise in 2015.


Have you made your plans for Saturday? (Yes guys, it’s Saturday!)


Don’t worry, there’s still time to plan a fun – and affordable – evening for your special one. U.S. News and World Report offers seven ways to enjoy a frugal V-Day. Our favorites: Call some friends and have a potluck, or if you want to be alone with your sweetheart, plan a nice meal at home that you both can prepare.


Whether you stay in or go out, we hope your Valentine’s Day is picture-perfect.

Food Pantry Volunteers

Shopping for a Cause

Once a month, several members of Chesapeake Bank get together for a special day of shopping. At the end of their trip, they leave empty-handed, but with full hearts.


Through the United Way of Greater Williamsburg’s Community Resource Center and the Peninsula Food Bank, five to eight of our associates volunteer to help feed needy families in the Williamsburg community. Each month, between 100 and 150 “shoppers” arrive at the Mobile Food Pantry to pick up essential grocery items for their families. Our team helps with check-in, grabs a cart and shops with the visitors for things like frozen meats, fresh fruit and vegetables and crackers.


“Literally, they have to do nothing but check in, and we do everything else,” said Tucker Edmonds, assistant vice president and a mortgage lender at Chesapeake Bank.


Edmonds has served as chair of several committees during his many years on the United Way board.


“They asked if we would put this together and help pull it off,” he said, adding that Chesapeake Bank, a big supporter of United Way, has been helping with this program for a little more than a year.”


Added Jennifer Harris, a senior merchant support technician at Chesapeake Payment Systems, “Volunteering has always been important to me and given me a sense of purpose.  We can strengthen our communities by giving back and helping others.”


For more information about the United Way of Greater Williamsburg, visit


Eat Local – Willaby’s Owner Talks Renovations, Craft Beer, Live Music

We recently had the chance to catch up with William Barnhardt, owner of Willaby’s Café and Catering in White Stone to talk about what’s new at Willaby’s and some of the unique offerings for customers. Read on to learn more about its restaurant renovations, craft beer offerings and Friday night band line-up.


Chesapeake Bank:  Tell us about your recent renovations. It sounds like you’ve had a lot going on!

William Barnhardt, owner of Willaby’s:  We were in the middle of White Stone for 18 years, and the place burned down. The only place that was available is where we currently are – a great location over the water, but the building was in rough shape. We’ve been in the new space for four years, but it took us about two years before we fully committed to the new space. We’ve tried to make it a special space for our customers to enjoy with a lot of personality.


Recently, we designed sun sails for the outside of the building to create a shaded area for outdoor dining, we removed the interior lights and designed lights we made from oyster cans, we took the chairs and replaced them with beautiful church pews – solid oak – from a church doing their own renovations. We used crates to create a wine rack on the wall in the bar. We insulated the stairwell and made it into a cooler for our 12 craft beer taps. We took several thousand pennies and made a penny wall on the back side of the bar. The next renovation will just depend on whatever we’re inspired to do next. It’s an ongoing thing – just trying to put personality in the place. A great dining experience isn’t just great food – it is great service and atmosphere. We want the people to enjoy dining here.


CB: We’ve heard you have a love for craft beer. How do you incorporate that into your restaurant?

WB: I’ve been a craft beer fan for 22 years, since a few years after college. It’s great to be able to incorporate some of my passions into the restaurant – like beer and music. My only regret is not doing it sooner as I’ve been enjoying them separately and now I have been enjoying it all together.


We’ve offered craft beer for four years, and the renovations have allowed us to expand on the number of beers we can offer, and it gives us the space to rotate taps and keep things really fresh on the beer front. There are a lot of breweries to choose from all over the state with all of the breweries in Virginia, which makes it fun.


CB: You mentioned music as a passion of yours that you’ve been able to bring into Willaby’s. Tell us about that.

WB: We’ve been having live music for two years – it’s all regional and local musicians, and there’s so much fantastic local music around this area to choose from. It’s an opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and it’s great to showcase their talent. We take our band lineup very seriously, and I think we have a fantastic lineup.


We have music every Friday from 7-10 p.m. We book musicians about six months out – we probably only have about 10 slots for the rest of the year. Usually we’ll go see bands play in person before they play here. My first concert was in 1980. I’ve been a concert fan even longer than I’ve been a craft beer fan.


CB: Is there anything else happening at Willaby’s that you want to share?

WB:  We’re in the process of doing a big menu change for dinner and taking things to another level – that menu will come out sometime in February!